2017 HONDA N360 born 50th anniversary event

50th anniversary of birth of HONDA N360 is celebrated.

What is N360?

While an employee of 2500 Sayama factories was watching in a morning of the day of snow on the first day of the spring, Friday, February 3, 1967, N360 met the shipping system.

Honda has started a Kei car development project in earnest in January, 1966. Honda accomplished everything of planning of N360, a design, an experimental production and production-ization in only 1 year.

"White small box" was announced by Tokyo Motor Show in autumn in 1966, and the price as 315,000 yen was also announced on December 15.

While a backorder to a dealer keeps increasing, N360 has begun to ship it in February, 1967 at last.
I recorded sales number beyond 5000 in May and jumped for a top seller of a Kei car out already. N360 left a bright record of 1st place of for 44 months of continuation and sum total Kei car sale in 83 months old after that.

Including export, a N series, very, about 765,000 were produced, and it was supplied to the world.

N360 offered a life with a car to many people by a low price and high performance.

The car with the small size of 3 m x 1,3 m runs out for the world. 50 years have passed after it's done. N360 is the leader who made the profit which makes Honda become stable as a real four-wheel car manufacturer in name and reality and others. It's to look back to the way where Honda has walked as a four-wheel car manufacturer and has come to celebrate birth for 50 years of N360.

And what was N360 for the user for Honda?
The user who uses present N360 habitually importantly, the engineer who produced N360 and a producer talk, wish that it'll be the chance to make sure of 50 years of N360 each other and plan an event together.

* Data referring :
Katuyoshi Yamashita Book「Challenge of Honda four wheels -- Start departing at the world end.」
Miki Press Publication「HONDA 360 STORY - Small giant」

* In January 22 Sunday "New Year long-distance relay"
  (meeting sponsorship of MUSASHINOKAI: Honda Yorii factory) event, vehicle exhibition

* Sunday, January 29 JCCA NEW YEAR MEETING Club stand participation.

* Sunday, February 26 U1000 in Shirakobato park Collaboration participates in a classic car festival.

* Saturday, April 29 Collaboration participates in Kanto institute of technology school classic car festival the 3rd

* Sunday, December 2 Welcome plaza Aoyama (Honda headquarters showroom), vehicle exhibition and talk show (decision)

* Sunday, December 3 Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Saitama plant Sayama factory, vehicle exhibition and talk show (decision)